The Sparrow Quartet 2006 China Tour In Photos
Tibet Pics
partners. The camera didn’t catch a couple of Tibetans, but they were danced too.
And thus was Tibet.
Guangzhou Pics
Next: Tibet...
Shanghai Pics
Up next, Guangzhou, then Tibet... Patience...
Beijing Pics
Star Live, Nov 11, 2006
With Beijing-based Mongolian folk folks, Hanggai, left; Ben and Abigail shaking their tailfeathers during the encore
Twenty-eight days, seventeen shows, eight collaborations with local musicians/groups, six flights, five cities, three music schools, three consulates, three buses, two flat tires, two universities, two high schools, one embassy, one documentary film crew, one photo shoot, one case of mild altitude sickness and a whole lotta fun.
A big thanks to everyone who made the Sparrow Quartet’s 2006 China tour a success. Below, a quick look back through some photos of the Tour. 
See you at the next event!
二十八天、十七场演出、8次当地乐手合作、六个航班、五个城市、三个音乐学院、 三个领事馆、三个中巴、两次泄了气的轮胎、两个大学、两个高中、一个大使馆、一队拍记录片的、一次去摄影师工作室拍照、一个高度病假、无数的好玩儿。
A sampling of this year’s media coverage 
一些今年的媒体报道’s short film on the Quartet and their collaboration with Beijing-based Mongolian folkers, Hanggai, with English subtitles

China Radio International’s interview with the band
中国国际广播电台的采访 (英文)

The Shanghai Youth Daily’s Life Weekly cover spread and article (Chinese) 

that’s Beijing’s piece on the Quartet
that’s Beijing英文杂志社的报道

A Shanghaiist in the Cotton Club crowd caught this 

Photos by “Neverdance” of the Star Live gig are here