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artists we’ve loved working with


jazz funk blues roots                                                                                        爵士乐 布鲁斯 民谣

3 quiet men - trippy dubby jazz from italia

Eliane Amherd - latin rhythms meets jazz meets pop

christoph pepe auer group and living room - two ensembles for the price of one: the former, more straight-up jazz, the latter, the rare and amazing combination of bass clarinet and hang

bandapart - operating between, among, around and atop spacey post-rock and free jazz

francois bourassa - award-winning quebecois jazz pianist

david braid - award-winning toronto-based jazz pianist

lache cercel and the roma swing ensemble - the spirit of django lives on in these gypsy jazzers

the core - hi-energy norwegian quartet inspired equally by coltrane and rock

elden: the fire, a tribute to norwegian poet olav h. hauge featuring: unni lovlid, becaye aw and rolf erik nystrom mixing jazz improv, norwegian and pan-african folk and poetry

excess luggage - rare jazz combo (organ-piano-drums) brings heavy gear and music

hanggai 杭盖 - beijing-based mongolian folk act taking on the world

royal hartigan - drummer, educator, student, and so much more

hei hauge: a poetry meets jazz and theatre tribute to norwegian poet olav h. hauge featuring Juni Dahr and friends:

sam hooper - high-energy blues-rocker

ibrahim electric - funk, rock, afrobeat, jazz and then some for brain and booty

sofia jannok - arctic ethnic singing style, yoik, meets warmer-clime jazz

john jorgenson - he portrayed django reinhardt in Head in the Clouds, so to call him a gypsy jazz artist is an understatement

steve koven – canadian jazzer extraordinaire

nils landgren – swedish trombonist who brings the funk

charlie musselwhite – legendary blues harmonica player

legopulver - norwegian contemporary jazz trio

mi22 - 18-piece funk orchestra that fills the stage and the dance floor

mais uma - brasilian jazz made in denmark

manomanouche – gypsy music meets improvisational jazz

motif – highly-acclaimed and internationally-renowned jazz combo
kresten osgood – funky and versatile danish drummer

q – five-piece italian jazz combo

steinar raknes – norwegian jazz bassist from many of the nation’s greatest acts

yannick rieu – canadian saxophonist
shuffle demons – crazy canuck pop-rock-jazzers

jeanne rochette - parisian, now montreal-based, chanteuse

mark solborg - danish jazz-guitarist extraordinnaire

the sparrow quartet: abigail washburn, ben sollee, casey driessen and bela fleck comprise perhaps the world’s greatest sino-american folk crossover supergroup; more on their china tour 06 here

ivan valentini’s slanting quartet – italy’s formost saxophonist

emil de waal – denmark’s top percussive export

rock pop punk electro metal                                                                                             摇滚 朋克金属 流行 电子

bonk - greasy rock and roll – in a good way

busdriver - wacky and skilled alt-rap
by divine right – much-loved toronto indie rockers

the crystal method - big beat electro progenitors

marit larsen - norwegian pop queen

moses hazy - classic rockin’ good times from the north of finland

mayflies – norwegian rockers

rock hard power spray – denmark’s baddest x-rated garage rockers

sahara hotnights - swedish garage-pop outfit

something to burn - alt-rock from la

snake and jet’s amazing bullit band - danish duo mixing electro, rock and gooooood times

subs - beijing garage-punk superpowers. read the on-the-road blog from their 2006 adventure here

superhoney – boston-based funksters wang wen 惘闻 – dalian, china-based post-rockers

the wombats – could they be the next beatles? they attended sir paul’s music school and are based in liverpool...